Welcome to Catfood Retirement

At some point, through infirmity–physical or mental–it becomes time to retire from the old 9-to-5. If you’ve planned well, saved regularly, and put your savings to work through smart investments, you can enjoy being a fat cat, dining on caviar, and so on. (I think cats like to eat fish eggs.) Or if you’re like me, your gustatory alternatives may be a little more fishy.

These manic ravings include information that I think you can use to improve your retirement by avoiding some of the mistakes I’ve made. But I will need your help. A web site consisting of words without picture is pretty boring. So please send your cat pictures. That’s the reason Al Gore invented the Internet after all. I will curate your cat pictures and immortalize them beside my deathless prose.

If you feel inclined to send money, send it to Cats and Dogs instead.

Steve Poling

Masters degrees in math and computer science. Poet in several computer languages. I write stories about Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft, steampunk, and SF.

Grand Rapids, Michigan http://www.catfoodretirement.com