Heart of a Student

When I decided to get serious about retirement, I thought, “I need a financial advisor.” Dave Ramsey strongly advocates getting a financial advisor and I was inclined to follow his advice. First and foremost Mr. Ramsey recommends that one select someone “with the heart of a teacher.” I strongly agree. Happily, Mr. Ramsey’s web site was set up to take down my zip code, then give my contact information to one of his “endorsed local providers. »

Heinleins 5th Law

As you may realize, I’m a fan of Robert A Heinlein who was an SF writer of the last century. He left the planet when I was a young man. One of his legacies was five rules of writing that he set forth in an essay, On The Writing of Speculative Fiction. You must write You must finish what you start You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order You must put your story on the market You must keep it on the market until it is sold This list was brought to mind when I encountered a passage in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. »

Jerry Pournelle Rip

I was in grad school with hardly enough time to get homework done when I engaged my favorite vice. I walked into a bookstore. In the SF section I didn’t see anything by my favorites, Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, etc. and looked through titles by guys I’d never heard of. Exiles to Glory. Cool cover. Never heard of the author. I had neither money or time to read recreationally. The blurb was enticing, so I bought the book. »

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About me

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At some point, through infirmity–physical or mental–it becomes time to retire from the old 9-to-5. If you’ve planned well, saved regularly, and put your savings to work through smart investments, you can enjoy being a fat cat, dining on caviar, and so on. (I think cats like to eat fish eggs.) Or if you’re like me, your gustatory alternatives may be a little more fishy. These manic ravings include information that I think you can use to improve your retirement by avoiding some of the mistakes I’ve made. »