Heart of a Student

When I decided to get serious about retirement, I thought, “I need a financial advisor.” Dave Ramsey strongly advocates getting a financial advisor and I was inclined to follow his advice. First and foremost Mr. Ramsey recommends that one select someone “with the heart of a teacher.” I strongly agree. Happily, Mr. Ramsey’s web site was set up to take down my zip code, then give my contact information to one of his “endorsed local providers. »

The Utility of Debt

There is a young man whose judgment and good sense I trust. However, when he got married “the old ball and chain” was not his lovely bride, but college loans. We were chatting recently and he admitted that 80% of his budget that month was going into debt service. This is a remarkable amount to which we may credit both his frugality and also the value he creates for his employer. »

Necessary and Sufficient

I was reading a web site recently that advocated One Thing (environment) as the magic key that will change your life and make you a success. He paired this with the observation that Another Thing (will-power) is useless. The trouble with such articles is that they aren’t even wrong. You see, there is no such thing as magic. Environment or habit are not magic. Anyone who tells you different is not lying. »

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It's Just A Thing That I Do

People would look at me and think or say, “How can you walk ten miles every day?” This happened moments after whoever I was talking to would learn that I had lost over 100 pounds. Then people would invariably ask, “How?” It started with a New Years Resolution, but unlike dozens of failed Resolutions, I started a small, easy, achievable first-step. I went to bed earlier to make sure I got over seven hours of sleep per night. »

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The Life Changing Power of Catfood Retirement

I think it started with Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, or maybe it was The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up. Someone who groks SEO figured that headlines containing the words “Life Changing” got more clicks. And now I’m seeing lots of blog posts with that phrase. Perhaps that drew you here. Urk. Now I’d better say something profound. OK here goes. Your life may not need changing. »