Embrace Hunger

When my kids were small I got hold of Bill Bennet’s Book of Virtues a collection of essays and stories about virtue. Mr. Bennet named it “virtues” as opposed to “values” to distinguish traits found in nature from social constructs. The former hold true throughout nature whereas values do not apply outside your tribe. Thus every wingnut knows the moonbats who disagree with him are not merely wrong, but evil. And vice versa. »

Sounds Risky Bob

On the Newhart TV show there appeared two semi-regular characters who spoke in a thick New England accent. I clearly recall a scene where Newhart is describing a rather tame course of action in his deadpan voice which prompted one of the guys to say, “Idunno. Sounds Risky, Bob.” I’ve also heard a lot of personal finance guys bitterly complain about Dave Ramsey and how his advice does not make sense mathematically. »

Measuring Inputs

I used to love my job. That love was based on my boss’ attitude that could be paraphrased, “give me results.” I gave him results. Results and earned accomplishment are like a drug. I was happy. He was happy. The company thrived. Life was good. I paid off my mortgages and cash-flowed sending my kids to college. As you may expect, something changed to cool this love. This was good, because it got me to create this experiment in catfood retirement. »

Fat and Debt

I was in the best physical shape of my life in grad school. Not only had I gone on a diet, but I did not have time to eat or money to buy food. Nevertheless, I did have enough time to put on tennis shoes and run. Add to that some unhappy things in my life induced stress that made the pounds melt away. For one brief, shining moment, I got onto a scale and saw that my weight matched the recommendations of the American Heart Association for my height–178 pounds. »

Safe Variable Rate Loans

The only safe loan is the one you don’t make. If you encounter me on the street and ask, “How you doing?” I will invariably answer, “Better than I deserve.” And if you have any familiarity with Dave Ramsey’s radio program, you’ve heard that phrase before. I stole “Better than I deserve” from him decades ago. He can afford it, because his net worth is much, much greater than mine. Besides, there’s no law against stealing, “Better than I deserve. »