Perfect Chai

My daughter shared with me the process of making the perfect cup of chai.

It begins with heating milk on the stove to a simmer (or boil if you don’t mind removing the skim). Keep it on the heat for the next steps.

Then dump in the loose tea and let it steep until the color is right (a pretty caramel color). Use two or three heaping teaspoons for about a cup and a half of milk.

While still on the heat add sugar to taste. Two or three teaspoons unless you are going for authenticity which calls for five or six…

Pour into your favorite (pre-heated) cup through a strainer. You can make it thicker (for greater authenticity) then dilute with boiling water to your preference.

Don’t burn your tongue on it.

My daughter says that you can make your own chai masala mix yourself. Combine these elements:

  • cheap black tea
  • cinnamon
  • cardamon
  • black pepper
  • ginger
  • cloves

I asked Dr. Google about quantities. It obliged with a nice long list of recipes that are superior to this one. They use fresh spices ground using a coffee-grinder. You may want to use a pinch of each from your spice rack and adjust proportions to your preference. They all look yummy, but none seem as convenient as my Keurig cup.

But then a Keurig lacks the perfection of drinking chai made by one’s daughter home from south Asia.

Steve Poling

Masters degrees in math and computer science. Poet in several computer languages. I write stories about Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft, steampunk, and SF.

Grand Rapids, Michigan