Safe Variable Rate Loans

The only safe loan is the one you don’t make. If you encounter me on the street and ask, “How you doing?” I will invariably answer, “Better than I deserve.” And if you have any familiarity with Dave Ramsey’s radio program, you’ve heard that phrase before. I stole “Better than I deserve” from him decades ago. He can afford it, because his net worth is much, much greater than mine. Besides, there’s no law against stealing, “Better than I deserve. »

High Wire Act

Perhaps you have seen circus acts where the death-defying performer walks a tightrope high above the crowd. He succeeds by maintaining his balance. Balance is important in more than just this context. When I started learning how to manage my investments I learned about “diversifying” one’s assets and then I heard about “balancing” a diversified portfolio. Diversification is the long word for “thou shalt not put all your eggs in one basket. »

Vanguard 101

Once every couple of decades I have a conversation with a Financial Planner. The last such financial conversation I described here. I have a hard time trusting financial planners, which may be a problem for me. But this means I have to force myself to study harder to learn what the financial planners are likely to tell me. And as I describe in the link above, I set about to reading about finance and investing. »

ArtPrize Guilt

I walked into the gallery and said hello to the proprietress. The occasion of my visit was ArtPrize, a local institution. Nine years ago the local billionaire’s kid had an idea for an art contest wherein the public would vote for its preferred art piece. And the winner would get a big bunch of money. Members of the art community reacted in horror that the great unwashed should have a chance to say what constitutes good art, but that’s another story. »

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Two Keys

I have become interested in cryptocurrencies, things like Bitcoin, or Ethereum. They are a medium of exchange that is not subject to government interference, for good or ill. This is bad if you share the politician’s view, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Or it is good if you share a different politician’s sentiment, “Power tends to corrupt.” But this is not about politics, but how cryptocurrencies illustrate something much more personal than politics. »